Sunday, November 8, 2009

Just A Kid, Having The Time Of Her Life - Taylor Swift Hosts SNL

Attention, attention! All American parents, this just in: the wait for a pop culture icon of a role model you've all been hoping and wishing to come along for your children is here. And there's the catch -- you might fall under her charming spell too.

Taylor Swift, 19, hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time this weekend and tackled the role as joint-host and musical guest quite well. Her musical performances stand out the most, reminding fans what it is they fell in love with her in the first place.

Confident performances featuring the hit single "You Belong With Me" and guitar-ballad "Untouchable" provided viewers with a show a la Faith Hill circa "This Kiss"/"Breathe" and Shania Twain circa "Man I Feel Like A Woman".

And don't doubt for a second that the pre-teen crowd stayed awake way past their bedtimes at some sort of sleepover party just to to sneak a late-night peek of their idol on TV.

Forget the few Britney-esque dances moves. Swift played off her class and teenage energy all night. Hell -- she looked like any other girl singing top 40 songs heard over the loud speaker at a party while fist-pumping and hip-shaking with her girlfriends.

Parents couldn't ask for a better role model for their kids what with the crazy antics of Lady Gaga and the Lindsay Lohan's of the world. rest easy, parents. your kids have a wholesome teen from Pennsylvania who wears her heart on the neck of her guitar and sings what she feels. Who knew honesty could be so rewarding?

Swift did what every girl dreams of doing -- calling out her ex-boyfriends for being giant douche bags on national TV while laughing it off in the process. It's like paying for therapy only the nation is paying to listen to her problems -- not too shabby.

Her acting was no better than any of the cast members themselves but she fit right in with the gang. Shakira and Kate Gosselin never looked funnier though, I'll give her that.

It's hard to remember she's 19-years-old for the mature demeanor she portrays to the public eye, but Swift's smile at the end of her performance of "Untouchable" said it all. It screamed,"I'm just a kid ... having the time of my life, living out my wildest dreams."

Good for you Taylor, good for you. Keep it up... and try not to date anymore Jonas Brothers. You've sold more records than them (and everyone else in the music industry) this year anyway.

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