Friday, December 18, 2009

My Apologies For Neglecting You, Chicago to DC

This writer must apologize for her wayward ways. It appears that since my tenure on We Love DC started, my poor blog has been left a desolate wasteland. There has been no original content in weeks and I feel horrible about it.

But fear not Chicago to DC readers! A change is coming!

What is there to look forward to? Well, 2010 for one! For those of you who have followed this blog and taken my year's journey with me, you know that 2009 has been a difficult one. Look for a "Year In Review" piece just before the New Year in addition to a personal wrap-up of this year's THUNDER SNOW!

Yes. You heard me. THUNDER SNOW! Not sure what I'm talking about? Visit fellow blogger Karl Johnson's post on We Love DC dot com for the details.

In short -- the winter wonderland I've wanted since moving to DC in the Fall of 2005 is coming ... and it's coming in one fowl swoop. We're expecting anywhere between 10-20 inches of snowfall (in form a of a "thunder snow storm") this weekend. Look for photos and a write-up regarding the storm after it hits.

My best to all of you this holiday season,

R.H. Levitin

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