Wednesday, February 25, 2009

COMING SOON -- Baseball Traditionalists: A Fading Fad or Classic Past-Time

Before Yankee Stadium was torn down and re-built, "The House That Ruth Built" stood in the Bronx as the third oldest Major League Baseball stadium in the country -- the oldest being Boston's Fenway Park and the second oldest being Chicago's Wrigley Field.

These baseball sanctuaries have hosted thousands of events ranging from religious services with the Pope, Jimmy Buffet concerts, the circus, football, and even hockey. But -- to loyal fans of thee infamous ball clubs who fight for a "W" every time they set foot on the green and gravel-filled fields -- these man-made structures are more than institutions housing sporting events, they are the core of every team and every fan. If the fan is Dorothy, the park is Kansas. And really -- who wouldn't want to go home?

Stay tuned for a look at these three Major League Baseball icons as Spring Training gets on its way and the regular season sneaks up right behind it.

- R.H. Levitin -

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