Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The "Pom-Tini": The New Cosmopolitan for 20-Something Women

The once illustrious cocktail that caressed Carrie Bradshaw's Sex and the City lips for six seasons and a feature film, lost its original glamor the day my roommate discovered that the "Pom-tini" had a unique allure all its own.

Look out Cosmo, you better watch your back, a new drink is in town and she's a lot tougher than your light pink exterior. This darker mixture of vodka and pomegranate juice is the latest beverage to quench the thirst of urban-chic working women.

Picture this: A night out with your man. You're young -- a 20 something on the brink of real life but not there yet -- eager to paint the town red and re-visit those "good old days" where free time was just as abundant as "That's What She Said..." jokes told by college kids living still in dorms. The time comes to order a drink at the bar while you wait for the older couple who came in for the early bird special to get up from your reserved table (yes, you were smart enough to make reservations -- you figure if your man is responsible enough to pay for the dinner, the least you can do is make a reservation).

It's now time to decide -- "What cocktail will titillate my taste buds tonight," you ask yourself. You tend to go for the "class act" Sex and the City approach by ordering the Cosmopolitan Carrie and the rest of the gang worship while out on the town. But alas! ...this is a special occasion, a Comso will not do.

You remember -- you love pomegranate juice.
The decision is made -- "Pom-tini" it is!

The flavor of fresh fruit juice mixed with a bite from the vodka after being shaken and chilled makes for a revitalizing drink.

If my roommate can come up with a new drink idea for girls on the go who care to show s certain amount of glamor and sass, so can you.

Start engaging in some personal bar tending, ladies! You never know what you'll think of next.

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