Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall: It Feels Good

Summer lovin' had me a blast, spring fling was as good as it seemed, and I'll admit that there's something magical about a Winter Wonderland -- but there's nothing like the first day of day of fall to pull these heart strings.

September 21 is the first day of fall. My favorite season.

Fall has a distinct smell. It's crisp and brisk, bitter but gentle, and refreshing. Sweater weather is in full-swing and it's time to pull those sophisticated jackets out of storage.

The 9 to 5 crowd switches from iced coffee to sizzling lattes.

Sandals and shades go back in the closet while boots and cute little penny-loafers make their triumphant return.

A National past-time known as The Fall Classic brings together all baseball fans for the final stretch of October stress and triumph.

Those who don't fancy that American tradition turn to yet another -- Football.

No matter your personal preferences, fall is the end of care-free summer days, which leaves quite a few folks down in the dumps. Don't fret! Fall isn't that bad.

Cozy up with your favorite blanket, rent a movie, make some hot apple cider (with hint of caramel), and relax. Let the steam from your mug cling to each pore on your face while you catch a whiff of apple and cinnamon. That's fall at its finest.

Think about it this way: Something special happens in fall. I'm sure most people would not agree with that statement but I'll attempt to explain it to you.

Have you ever seen Gilmore Girls? If not, don't worry. I'll clarify this pop culture concept.

The first snow of the year is special to the show's main character, Lorelei. She is convinced that something big will happen each time the first flake hits solid ground. Thanks to some witty writing "something big" does happen, but that doesn't mean it can't translate into real life.

Lorelei has her snow. I have the entire fall.

Fall feels right. It's my security blanket. It wraps me in a comfortable state until that first snow flake invades the airspace above the jungle made of concrete and steal.

Even if the Cubs lose yet another chance at a World Series, I find solace in the fact that fall comes and stays just long enough for me to feel like I'm home -- no matter how far I happen to be from Chicago.

So ... here's to fall! Here's to something big! It's coming ... I can feel it.

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