Thursday, September 17, 2009

V.2.0 Updates -- Where To Find The New Photos

September 30 is a special day for The Chicago to DC POV.

We'll be celebrating the one year anniversary of our internet invasion.

To commemorate this occasion, Chicago to DC has taken the liberty of adding pictures to the website because we all know that pictures make everything a little bit easier to read!

In addition to the most recent updated entry ("Romance, Circumstance, and Happenstance"), here's a list of other pieces that have been "re-mastered" for your viewing pleasure:

  1. Wells, The New Wood? -- This Year's Rookie Makes His Mark (September)
  2. Fly Me To The Moon (July)
  3. The Graduate: A R.H. Levitin Reflection (May)
  4. Disposable is the new Digital -- No, I'm not Kidding (April)
There are other posts that currently contain photographs. Feel free to parooze the blog for those if you like.

The blog is your oyster -- or at least something like that.


R.H. Levitin
The Chicago to DC POV

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