Sunday, April 24, 2011

Coming Soon: The Song Book

Pictured top to bottom: My grandfather, me, and my bubbe in 2006.

My grandfather once told me that he was surprised at how thoughtful my lyrics appeared to be after he stumbled upon the CD jacket inside my first album's debut cover art.

He hadn't realized "the kinds of effort" I had put into crafting my words on top of composing an entire song.

Here's a little something for the masses: I am very proud of my lyrics. Sure -- I love zoning out with a guitar in hand and letting my emotions flow through the rhythms I play. I also love singing, on a stage or in my apartment ... or anywhere really, because that is my emotional release and adrenaline rush. But, my lyrics are the brain child behind the thrills of the stage or performing live.

My next project shouldn't be too daunting but it will take some time. Soon enough, I will have each and every one of my songs (that I feel are worthy) listed on my music site. This project is, of course, called "The Song Book".

Stay tuned for more details.

In the mean time, here's an "oldie" song from high school. I wrote it at the age of 16:

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