Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nationals Buzz Post Round-Up: April through the All-Star Break

The 2011 MLB All-Star break is approaching and it got me thinking that this is a perfect time to round-up my freelance work from my guest blogging for's Nationals Buzz this season.

My work for Nationals Buzz is part of a season-long initiative of welcoming guest bloggers to MASN Sports' "little corner of cyberspace," as managing editor Pete Kerzel likes to say.

I have to say that I am truly thankful for the opportunity I've had to write for MASN and being able share my thoughts on baseball in the District. I look forward to the rest of the season and can't wait to continue improving my baseball writing.

Once the second half of the season starts, the rotation of guest bloggers will change a bit and the format will switch to one post per week, per blogger as opposed to five posts in a week per blogger. So be on the lookout for posts from me on Wednesdays and definitely check out my colleagues on the other days! They're both insightful and entertaining.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4
Could patriotic Nats become America's Team?
Johnson holds Nats accountable with levity, pride
Unprompted responses create hopeful stadium buzz
Winning three of four vs. Cubs shows progress

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