Sunday, October 5, 2008

Say it Ain't So, Chicago

I don't even know what to say. I'm speechless. What was supposed to be the greatest sports story ever written, never will be. The Chicago Cubs lost their 10 consecutive post-season game, forfeiting their chance at winning a World Series. It is now 100 years since the Cubs last won a ring.

The residents of Sheffield are going to have to change the sign atop the townhouse. An extra number slot needs to be added to the "A.C. sign" that lists how many years since the Cubs have won the division, the pennant, and then the World Series.

All curses aside, this years Cubs team are solely responsible for ruining the opportunity for this inspiring sports story. I have two words: 97 wins. They had 97 wins. They were the number one team in all of the National League, and they blew it.

I'll be honest. I haven't read any articles about the game that ended the Cubs' chance at playoff history. I was camping in the woods and was nowhere near a TV. I'm grateful for that. I don't think I could have stomached watching it.

Cubs fans have been saying for years that "Wait 'til next year" or "Next year is here". But, I'm sick of hearing it. Lou crafted an impressive team of great team players. It was a strong line-up all around and their showed results. They got the job done. And then, they just fall apart? This was the year ... or, at least it was supposed to be. The Cubs ruined it.

Everyone could imagine the Cubs winning it all this year. It was almost a universal feeling that deep down in the gut, people all secretly wanted the Cubs to win. It was like the greatest guilty pleasure type story in baseball. And now, that's all foiled.

Who even knows what Cubs fans would have done had the the team won the series? I think the whole charm that is being a Cubs fan would be lost. Maybe it's a better thing that they lost. At least we have something to try and look forward to next year. Because, like Cubs fans have been saying for well ... a century ... "Until next year."


It will be a few days before I decide to find out exactly what went wrong during the third game of this year's NLDS against the Dodgers, but I'm okay with that. Right now, I just want to live in that dream world that will never be.

[More to come in the next few days with this on-going story regarding the Cubs collapse this post-season]

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