Thursday, October 2, 2008

Win or Lose, I'm Still a Cubs Fan

And now, the Cubs loss streak in the post-season rises to eight.

Chicago Tribune staff writer, Mike Downey, says it's just the Cubs being Cubs. That I buy.

What I don't buy is how everyone can easily shake off the history of this team. Dodgers pitcher Derek Lowe was quoted for mentioning that he's heard a lot about the Cubs 100 year World Series drought, and he's not alone. So yes, it's been mentioned. But, I think the sadest part is that people are trying to forget it.

How can you?

It's a Catch-22 by baseball standards. The Cubs are a team rooted in history and history has continued to define the team. They haven't been able to shake it. That's just how it is.

A poll on the Chicago Tribune's webpage said that 57.4% of Cubs fans still think they will beat the dodgers in the NLDS 3-1. Now that's what I like to hear.

I'm sick and tired of hearing the players, the managers, and franchise officials say things along the line of, "This year's team has nothing to do with the past 100 years. This is a new team. This is a different team. We have to base their success on the positives and just on this season alone."

Well here, I'll do that right now so that we can all get it out of our systems:

"Dear 2008 Chicago Cubs,
You've had a great season! Your win to loss ratio was not only stellar, but a force to be reckoned with in the National League. You came out as #1 in the league and in the division. You worked as a cohesive unit. You had a spring in your step. And, you made all of your fans smile. It was a great run. To top it off, you even got into the playoffs for the second year in a row. Kudos! So, on behalf of the city of Chicago, I say 'Thanks!'"

Okay, now with that said, sorry 2008 Cubs ... and every other Cubs team until we win our third franchise World Series. You will be compared to every player of every team who has ever put on a Cubs uniform. History is what keeps tourists hanging around Wrigley Field. History is what keeps fans around the four street radius that is Addison-Clark-Sheffield-Waveland. History is what influences families to talk baseball on the North Side. You just have to face it, the Cubs are a team based on history. And, until this team wins a ring, that's all they'll be.

I'm still proud to call myself a Cubs fan. I don't care if they lose. It may hurt. There may be tears. And, lord knows all Cubs fans hate once the season's over, but we'll all still be there next year and we'll all stick around until the end ... no matter what flag flies above the scoreboard after the game.

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Matt said...

Yesterday was a tough loss, but I still like the Cubs to win this round too. Dempster had some fairly random control issues, and Lowe just played out of his mind. LA is not a team that can grind out 8+ hits to win a game if they can't draw walks or something.

Sure would have been nice to get game one though. The last thing you need to for the entire freaking city to go "shit, here we go again..."