Monday, April 6, 2009

Cubs On Track To Win Third Straight NL Central Title

It's the most wonderful time of the year -- and no, I'm not talking about Christmas.

Baseball is in full swing and the back-to-back National League Central champions are out to defend their title for a third year.

The 2009 Chicago Cubs have a long season ahead but the line-up to get it done. Forget faith, this year's team has to focus on staying healthy, strong, and hanging that "W" flag atop the center field score board after games.

There is a hard truth to stomach though. It's been 101 years since the Chicago north siders won the World Series. But that's not the hot topic of conversation inside the clubhouse.

"I feel bad for the organization to have gone a long time without winning," Soriano said, "but we're not responsible. We're not the reason. We're in a new era now. Whatever happened in the past 80, 90, 100 years ago, we're not responsible.

Soriano is right. This year's team, last year's team, and any team from 1909 to the present has nothing to do the Cubs World Series drought. It's easy to scapegoat the team for an entire century's worth of failure, but there's no point in doing it now.

The Cubs have produced results despite their 0-6 playoff stint with veteran manager Lou Pinella. What the Cubs have to do now is prove themselves on the field and not to their fans.

If they focus on the game and not the media, this year's team has a solid chance at 3-peat as NL Central champs and a shot at post-season glory.

The Cubs open the season in Houston against the Astros tonight for a 3-game series and have their home opener at Wrigley Field on the 13th against the Colorado Rockies.

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