Sunday, April 12, 2009

Taya: The Chicago to DC POV's Pick for Rock of Love Bus

The 60 minute weekly showdowns between femme fatales comes to a close this week when Poison frontman Bret Michaels chooses a winner from the final two. Who will be it: Taya or Mindy?

Mishap after mishap and drunken brawl after drunken brawl proves that these girls have what it takes to dig their claws as hard as they can to hold on for dear life, but will that be enough to win the heart of an aging rocker?

The final showdown features Penthouse playmate, Taya, who appears to have maintained her sanity throughout the entire season of Rock of Love Bus. As opposed to her competition and supposed "friend", Mindy, whose southern drawl is cute enough to notch her a victory .... that is until you actually hear the words coming out of her mouth. The girl makes no sense and I'm sure any viewer would agree that their is a definite lack of secondary education on her part. The girl's got no brains.

Before the choice is made, it's essential to look over Micheals' previous choices.

Season 1: Jess = fail
Season 2: Ambre = fail

What do these two girls have in common? Nothing. Jess is a rocker chick whose unmistakable combination of pink and white hair during season one is a enough of a turn on for any full-blooded male searching for a rock goddess. Ambre is the sweet, girl-next-door gone sexy who had the potential to make a good wife for Michael's -- had she actually wanted to stay with him. But she did the smart thing and left.

Here's the dilemma: Mindy or Taya. Mindy would be a season one choice and Taya would be a season two choice. Please for the love of all that's holy Bret Michaels, make up your damn mind! What are you looking for in a woman: a glorified sex object or a life partner? If you want both, Taya's your best bet.

If it's a show the people want, then a show is what they'll get. Rock of Love Season finale episodes tend to be just as dramatic as the women that inhabit the cast, complete with pre-written witticisms dictated by Michaels before, during, and after a pivotal scene.

It's been the ride everyone expected but who will win Rock of Love Bus? Find out tonight at 9 p.m. on VH1.

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Justin "J-Fense" Fensterman said...

Heres the thing, as nice as Mindy is, I just think that she cannot handle the rockstar lifestyle and has proved it over and over again. Its either her way or the highway as you saw in the previous episode. If she doesnt want to do something she wont do it or she will put on a pouty face and do it because she would never stand up to Brett Michaels. Taya, on the other hand will provide Brett with structure which he really needs at this point. She has kids, he has kids....He's not a poison partier anymore, he is a 45 year old rocker who is now on the outskirts of his career, he needs and wants a serious relationship and Taya will give him that. If he picks Mindy get ready for Rock of Love 4...