Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pootch Beats Prez in Popularity Contest

Okay America, you've done it again. You've made us look like a horde of materialistic, possession obsessed, drones whose sole purpose in life is to follow and agree with media coverage.

The Obama family's latest addition isn't a giant unrealistic circus tenet for Malia and Sasha or a re-creation of a Hawaiian beach for Mr. President to catch some waves, it's a just a damn dog people.

Sure, Bo is quite the cute little pooch. He's a six month old Portuguese Water Dog and a gift from Sen. Ted Kennedy. But that's not the point.

The real kicker is that Bo's gotten more media coverage than Michelle Obama's fashion sense -- and we all know that the world's been keeping close tabs on which J.Crew cardigan and skirt combo she's sporting on any given day.

In one day day alone, there were front page full-length features in the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, New York Times. There were also countless informational updates on the AP Wires, blog entries and polls on VH1, the coverage appears to be endless.

And keep in mind, the dog hadn't even moved in yet. Just wait until they get Bo his own water dish, collar and leash, and countless pillow beds in every room of the house he's actually allowed access to.

At least Bo's more fun to talk about than President Obama's daily workload.

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