Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mission "Make Music to Raise Money for Organ Donation Awareness" Moving Right Along

Some of my family members and friends were surprised that this musical project to donate money to the National Kidney Foundation and Donate Life campaign came out of nowhere, but the response has been positive and supportive.

As I type this, I'm listening to my entire music catalog dating back to 2002. Over that time I can't even count how many songs I've written. Heck, I started this whole songwriting for fun hobby back when I was 12 so that was 11 years ago.

While I've had dreams since that time of being a world-renowned top 40 Grammy award-winning rock star, I've got to do what I can while I can still do it. That's why all of my gigs in the foreseeable future will feature new recorded material for purchase. The proceeds from those sales will be donated in honor of my father (a heart transplant recipient) to the National Kidney Foundation and Donate Life Illinois.

I will continue to perform live from our Nation's capital as often as possible in order to generate as much proceeds for donation as possible. And -- I assure you -- over 50% of the proceeds made will directly go toward the donation. So please spread the word, tell your friends and co-workers, and get them in on this.

My upcoming shows include:

The Columbia Heights Market Place, 7/3 @ 1 pm
Mid City Caffe on U Street, 7/6 @ 7 pm
Tonic Lounge Jam Sessions on G Street near GWU, 7/24 @ 8 pm

As the list continues to grow, I will keep you updated.

Final prices of the albums going on sale are still being compiled but please keep in mind that the money's going to a good cause so hopefully that gets you out to the shows to not only enjoy quality live music from a soul who genuinely enjoys performing for a crowd but to donate to a life-changing cause.

Donate life!

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