Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Album Announcement: "Bourbon Taster" EP and sophomore release "Between Timid and Timbuktu" Coming Soon

Motivation is consuming me. With that in mind, I've decided to embark upon an exciting and unique opportunity combined with music.

Due to some unforeseen events, my second album "Between Timid and Timbuktu" will finally be released in the coming weeks. The album was recorded in January 2008 but the original mastered copy was misplaced. My hard-drive crashed. I lost my copies of it. Lucky for me I burned a friend a copy! Now -- thanks to him not deleting it off of his iTunes -- my sophomore recording will finally see the light of day.

It is in vain of the "Between Timid and Timbuktu" (which is a nod to Kurt Vonnegut and his second novel Sirens of Titan) release that I've decided two big things:

  1. I'll be releasing a "Bourbon Taster" EP featuring my self-decided "single of choice". The song is my latest and favorite track to play live on stage entitled "Bourbon". The "Bourbon Taster" EP will feature several recordings from earlier this year. Paul Derlunas of Springfield, Va. was kind enough to do the production for me. It's top notch in my opinion considering we had to rig together the microphone stand in his bedroom as we tried to capture the best possible sound from inside a Virginia community apartment. To make it even better -- the "Bourbon Taster" EP will be a limited edition issue and will look just like an old vinyl record ... thanks to the fine folks at Best Buy who sell CD-R's that look like vinyl records. Way to keep it classy, right?
  2. A percentage of the profit made off of these two new albums will be going to the National Kidney Foundation and the Donate Life campaign in honor and memory of my father Steven Levitin who received a heart transplant on New Years Eve 1999. My dad passed away on January 17, 2009 while waiting for a second heart and a kidney. I attended the 2002 Transplant Olympic games with my dad at Walt Disney World, and I can say with complete confidence that organ transplantation is a gift to people all over this country and the world. And -- in my opinion -- it is not discussed nearly enough among the general populous. The conversation needs to be had. People need to know how much donating an organ can enhance the lives of families and individuals by literally donating life.
I look forward to sharing these new albums in addition to my debut album "Come As You Are" (2005) at my upcoming shows in July. For a full listing of my shows this summer, visit my MySpace Music profile.

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Nick said...

Good luck with your album release! I'm with Donate Life Illinois and its great to see you discussing the importance of organ donation. Anyone interested in registering as a life-saving donor may do so at Thanks for sharing!