Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chicago to DC Shout-Outs: Greg Pincus

I have to take a moment to mention how awesome it felt the morning I woke up on April 4 to find that the writer of the children's baseball movie Little Big League gave me a shout out on his personal blog. Greg Pincus allowed me to live out a very strange yet much appreciated childhood fantasy of somehow becoming involved with Billy Heywood and this classic staple of my movie collection.

And it's all thanks to my little brain conjuring up the thought that Billy and his grandpa Thomas (both fictional characters, but that is of no consequence) sure did have some solid gems of wisdom to share for any baseball team to ever storm the diamond. In this particular case, I issued the advice to this year's Washington Nationals (who at this moment are tied for second place in the NL East and are definite contenders for the Wild Card ... if the Wild Card were to be decided in May).

I like to think the Nats Manager Jim Riggleman caught wind of my blog entry and took it into consideration when planning his management strategies for the regular season. Sure -- it's quite the day dream -- but that doesn't mean there's no chance that it's true.

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