Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Night I Went Back in Time

The laundry list including my likes and dislikes since as far back as I can remember was always on a tangent yet parallel path to the mainstream thoughts of the people surrounding me at any given time.

If I was around my grandparents, I took interest in their favorite things: Frank Sinatra, Golf, shopping, and family-time.

If I was around my sister, that list changed to: Disney movies, cartoon-based action movies, musicals, and pop music.

If I was around my classmates at school that list climbed the ranks in subject matter with a bit more intellectual base to it: history, classic literature, music, creative writing.

School was my mecca of all things truly fun that I learned how to do all on my own. I took it upon myself to excel at my favorite lessons issued by teachers.

My family influenced who I am a great deal like most other families often do. What I learned at school shaped me.

School enabled an on-going struggle to obtain a solid understanding of human nature and people's role in the world's history. I've found that studying history, literature, music, and participating in those sub-cultures of society is a big reward. It creates passion in people. The passion to do something for both themselves and others.

My passion for Jazz music is still very much alive. This Friday was a reminder of that.

I went back in time on Friday night when I visited the Carlyle Club for the first time in Alexandria, Va. (for DMV locals, it's not too far from the King Street Metro station on the Blue and Yellow line).

The following performance left me wishing I had been born in 1925:

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